Véhicule présidentiel d'Obama : nom de code "la bête"

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Considering the fact that Barack Obama is our nation's first African-American President, security measures being developed to protect him and his family appear to of course be beyond the norm. This includes his new car.

Instead of utilizing President Bush's old car, the new first car (code named "Cadillac One") nicknamed "The Beast", will in fact be a type of armoured fortress or more like a mini-tank.

Unlike the very unfortunate late President John F. Kennedy whose life was cut too short by a crazed Assassin, NO idiots or Terrorists wishing to take Obama out will get their wish on his watch.

"The Beast" which is actually a Limo, will be able to withstand anything from bullets to rocket-propelled grenades to bomb attacks from under the vehicle.

President-Elect Obama is expected to
make his first appearance in the new car on Inauguration day.

Too bad his recently hacked Twitter account didn't have the same protection.

CNN footage on "The Beast".


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